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Test Preparation

Study Schedule

Use this to prepare for tests!

6 months

From "How We Learn" by Benedict Carey

Time until Test

1 month

3 months

1 week

2 weeks

Test Prep Strategies

When you change up where you study, your brain associates the new information with the new location! Just make sure to minimize distractions.

Change your location!

When you make a test for yourself you are practicing recalling the information which is proven to boost your test score!

You can also make a test for one of your parents or siblings and then "teach" them about the right answers

Make a test for yourself!

Space out your study time

Procrastinating is an easy but not very useful study habit that many students have. A better study habit is to space out your studying (see the study schedule). This means that you should study a little bit then study again a few days later. Your brain will make more connections with the material and you will remember it much longer!

This is a useful strategy for when you are just at a complete wall. Fully blocked. Ready to explode from frustration.

When you are no longer studying productively, it is time to stop and do something else.

You can do a different homework assignment, you can read a book, you can check your phone. Do anything for 15-20 minutes then come back to studying.

Set a timer

Sometimes this is called the Pomodoro technique. 

Simply put you are setting a timer and working/studying until the timer goes off.


- A kitchen timer 

-Forest timer (App Store) 

**Not your regular phone timer because then you will be tempted to check your phone!

Length of study interval

1 week

1-2 days

 3 weeks


1. Calm yourself~ If you panic you trigger your amygdala to stress make your body release cortisol, the stress hormone.

2. Stretch then make sure your muscles are relaxed. 

3. Use the Calm App


Before you start studying:

1. Make sure you are distraction free

2. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling?

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