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Use a checklist

Create doable tasks


Check off tasks once you are done!

Try using the Reminders app, a spreadsheet, or

Pro Tip: 

When you get your homework from your teacher, immediately put it in your folder.

Color Code

For school subjects: Choose a different color for each subject then use notebooks and folders in that same color.

For test preparation: Color code your notes for easy review!

Colorful Pens


Math- red 

ELA- blue

Foreign Language: yellow

Science- green

Use Google Drive

Make a folder for each class to keep papers and other assignments organized!

You can make a master assignment list and link all your assignments so you can easily find them for a final or a portfolio!

Pro Tip: 

Rocketbook is a notebook you can order from Amazon which uses an app to scan your notes and sends them directly to folders in your Google Drive.

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