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Flow Chart
Visual Notes A.K.A Mind Mapping

Visual, drawing, making connections

1. Put the main idea/topic in the middle of your paper.

2. Draw branches for each supporting idea or concept. 

3. Continue adding branches, doodles, arrows! 

4. Connect as many ideas as you can!

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Notebook Sketch
Cornell Notes! 

Templates below!

1. Divide your paper into three sections

a. Notes (largest section)

b. Key words (margin of Notes section) 

c. Summary (bottom third)

2. Take notes, write keywords, and summarize your notes at the end!


Colorful Pens
Color Code Those Notes!

This helps with memory and recall for tests, too!

1. Grab some colored pens or markers

2. Color code each subject, concept, or idea

3. Add little doodles if you desire

4. All of this will help you remember and recall the information later!


Notes Templates


More Resources

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Note taking apps

  • Google Docs 

  • Notability 

  • OneNote (office)

  • Evernote

  • AudioNote

My note taking materials

  • Sharpie Gel Pens 

  • Post it Notes

  • Flair Pens

  • Notebook

  • Labels ( label each notebook per subject)

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