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What is Educational Therapy?

Educational therapy is the practice of providing individualized instruction and support to students with learning challenges. I help student’s access learning by incorporating my knowledge of special education, neuroscience, best teaching practices, and mindfulness. Educational therapy takes a deep dive into your student’s learning profile and is adjusted to each student’s needs. I work with you (the parent), the student’s teacher(s), and any other professionals who are assisting your child.

My educational therapy practice incorporates learning science with research based teaching methods. My main focus is figuring out which learning pathway works best for your student in the areas of reading and executive functioning. I believe that all students learn if they are given the right tools for their unique brain. I function from a strengths based perspective so your student will feel seen, heard, and important in their learning journey. 

Executive Functioning Coaching

What is EF Coaching?

Executive Functions are the skills that allow us to learn, stay organized, prioritize, and so much more. These skills are often expected of students in school yet frequently not taught. EF coaching helps students stay focused and learn valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their life. 

Interested in learning more?

Are you interested in finding out how EF coaching can support you or your student?

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